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Choosing a hosted PBX Toronto solution is always a wise decision. Focusing on your business, as well as your customers can now be made easy, thanks to our communications management, frequent upgrades, and basic maintenance of the system. Our professionals are always available for support, and are always monitoring the communications technology to make sure everything is up and running.

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Connect with an Existing PBX System

Another great aspect of this technology is the ability to connect our system with virtually any system you already have implemented. In just a few easy steps, customers can obtain access to any system, as well as have the opportunity to talk forever with unlimited call capacity. Our connections are flawless and your calls will rarely ever drop. If anything does happen, our support team will be there every step of the way to ensure that it gets fixed right away. This hosted PBX Toronto system can connect to anyone in the blink of an eye, and one of its capabilities includes delivering the call over the shortest path available which lowers costs close to your call as well as far.

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A lot of our client’s here in Toronto favor our hosted pbx system simply because of its data center. Employees can work from home and have all the resources they need just as if they were at work, and also have access to a wide range of data. These data centers have capabilities and features such as stable internet connections, high level security, and power generators. A hosted system benefits in this aspect because even if the power goes out, there is another source of energy to run the system, unlike an on-premise system where everything is in-house and has the risk of losing the entire system. Also, updating is no cost to the customer, as everything is upgraded simultaneously as new features are created.

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We all want everything to be simpler and easier to use. This is why our hosted pbx system of the toronto area is the best option for your business. VoIP Experts Canada are the premier cloud hosted PBX provider in Toronto. All features of our accessible system can be operated from a mobile device, to allow you to serve your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. From conference calling to customer service, our system includes a wide range of features as well as a possibility to upgrade existing features as well for a reasonably low price.

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VoIP Hosted PBX systems are built on a stable, advanced platform to ensure that your unified communications system can handle any difficult situation in which a basic landline might fail. We aim to supply all of the Toronto area with cloud-hosted pbx communications. The main advantage of this system is the ability to have so many features in one system. Features that are included are phone services, collaboration tools, voicemail and messaging services. Collaboration is made a lot easier with new advancements in mobile capabilities. Wherever your employees are, they can collaborate on any device through our affordable video web conferencing. Your entire company can have seamless access to your cloud based infrastructure, and this helps to reduce support costs in the long-run.


If you are interested in more specific information about VoIP Experts of Canada, and our features and solutions to your business, don’t hesitate to fill out this form and contact us.