VoIP Experts Canada is a communications company located in Toronto, Canada. We provide internet services and cloud communications to businesses of Toronto and the surrounding area. Our services include: Hosted PBX, Business Internet, and SIP Trunking.
We believe that we have what it takes to reach the top, to expand our business beyond Toronto and into even greater competition. Our communications network and cloud features enable us to provide services to our clients that label our brand as a highly competitive staple of the VoIP Industry. We perform activities and provide services for our clients with the essence of respect, loyalty, and pride to do business with such an amazing community.

Customer Support with Headphones


Our team of professionals are relentless pursuit of being the best in the industry. By innovating our products further than the rest, learning from our mistakes, and bouncing back even stronger, we will achieve our goals. The work ethic necessary in getting the job done is the sole spirit of our company, and without a doubt the key to our success. Our most valued aspect of business include keeping in touch with clients, supporting customers, and upgrading our technology to incorporate new services into our existing ones, in order to lead our company past the levels we strive to reach and even further up the ladder to become the alpha dog of the industry.


If you are interested in more specific information about VoIP Experts of Canada, and our features and solutions to your business, don’t hesitate to fill out this form and contact us.